Wednesday, 19 December 2007

My Three ' Go To'' Flies for 2007


I thought I would post a picture of my favourite saltwater flies for 2007 . These have been the three flies I have Fished with almost exclusively this season , when fishing cold Atlantic saltwater that is.

The Tooty Fruity Bucktail Deciever with posh eyes has plenty of triggers, I love Chateruse and also I like pink. Im a fan of grey and im keen on Olive and white, so to hell . I use them all in one fly. This has fished well when the fish slow down and start to refuse the fly. Also dawn and dusk.

Hook Gamakatsu SC15 Size 1/0 - 2/0 Various bucktails as above. Holo Chromosome flash or Crystal flash etc Pearl

The Deep Eel is a classic for Stripers but I have also found the fly useful for boatfishing deeper water on bright days this season,

Hook Tiemco 811s or Daiichi 2546 or Mustad S71 sss size 1 -1/0 Unique hair= Gold Over White or Olive over White. , Some Flash.

Number 3 the Sparse DNA frosty Fish Fibre has been the killer this season . I take guys fishing and push them toward useing this fly. They catch a load of fish and then naturally want to use one of thier own creations, Sometime's that pays off but I dont know how many times this season they went back to the FFF Clouser and started catching again. Ive had 6 species in one day twice this season and both days they all fell to the same fly. Its getting boring fishing the same fly everyday.
Its great for Bright days. It has no flash to startle fish it shimmers rather than shines, if that makes any sense. It also is a very stable fly that wont hang up.

With these flies being synthetic you do need to carry a small comb and give them a groom from time to time.

Hook - Gamakatsu SC15 sz 1 -2 or TMC 811s sz 2 -4. FFF Olive over Polar or FFF Tan over Polar Very Happy

Cheers and Happy Christmas

Austen Goldsmith

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Sky TV vs. the Gym. And the state of the Forums

Fishing has made me chubby chap over the last few years, the Surfboard gathers dust and my computer keyboard skills increase year on year. Fishing doesn’t really burn the calories to the same extent as surfing and the more you sit on your arse the fatter it gets .

I think the forums are possibly dying or at least they are in the UK , with regard to saltwater fly fishing.. I am a reforming forum junkie. The forums are limp and lifeless where once they flourished. I constantly scour the boards looking for something interesting going on and seem to draw a blank , am I alone there ? Theres more spam on the forums embedded between the lines than there is in my spam box and that’s something else.

I had been meaning to sign up for Sky TV this winter and also re join the gym. I would love to watch all those Fishing Programs. It was a toss up between the two , luckily I joined the Gym. Its early days but I feel great for pumping some iron and running a few Kilometres on the treadmill every other day. I also finally woke up and purchased an ipod , this has re awoken my passion for music. Playing Leftfields epic debut album from 96 while running has been spiritually uplifting to say the least. Just keep an eye on the heart rate those songs lift you maybee a little too high.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Seychelles Trip

Recent Seychelles Trip

I have recently returned from what I would regard as a trip of a lifetime. People have been asking me ‘how was the trip’ My answer has been ‘Remarkable’ The 10 day Journey by Catamaran the seascapes and the marine life we encountered were unforgettable. I swam with whalesharks before we had even left the waters of Mahe the Main Island. That was a lifetime ambition achieved The fishing exceeded my expectations ,in terms the number of species and quantity of fish landed . The worst thing about a trip to the Seychelles is the number of Species that you will encounter and the number Rods and reels you may wish to pack. In hindsight you could make the Journey with two rods , a Nine weight for the Bones and Permit and the occasional fishing with sink lines over the reefs. The other would be a Twelve weight rod. This will handle the Yellow fin Tuna and GT and not break you balls in the process. Poppers were by far the most productive weapons. Streamers would often go un noticed. Just the splash of a 6/0 Popper landing on the surface would pull a few thugs out and up from the deep. We opted to fish for the big fellas rather than cast at bonefish all day everyday. The Bones were very user friendly . The 2 week trip with 10 days at sea costs between £ 1750 and £3500 depending on your willingness to share a cabin .For me that’s still a lot of money to some that’s small change. Im booked to go back next year!! Anyone interested in sharing the cost should get in touch asap I have several people very interested..

The species that fell to the fly were as follows GT - Yellowfin Tuna - Bonito - Job fish - Blufin Trevally - Bonefish ,various reef fish and Wahoo, a Sailfish swung across the stern to eat my fly but turned away so perhaps that will be next year?

Sunday, 7 October 2007


So this is a blog , well lets have a go. The waer temps dropping this should give the Bass a kick up the arse and get them feeding hard.

I will add as soon as I have some news