Wednesday, 23 January 2008

A great yet Simple Saltwater Fly Pattern

This Saltwater Fly was kind to me in 2007. Nice and fast to tie ,which is an advantage as I fish it deep aound all manner of weed and snags , so I lose plenty. But I can replace them fast. With the Long zonker strip it fishes really well with minimal input in the way of retrieve. I often fish this on the drift from my boat with a fast sinking line. Pollack and Bass eat it. Its also good for fishing deep into Rips from the shore, it was very useful for stripers in the States in June

I wonder how usefull it would be in a strong Red colour for Pollack ?

Like many good flies its dead simple

size 1/0 Jiggy Saltwater Hook
7/32 Eyes
30 lb Mason Anti tangle on tail and also weed gaurd near the eye
Black Zonker Tail & Collar

Thumbnail, click to enlarge.


Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The Airflo Ridge GT lines (Review)

Airflo Ridge GT line was developed and field tested on Cosmoledo that should give us an idea of the kind of punishment these lines were intended for !

I used the 12 # GT line on my recent trip to the Seychelles . The line flies out . I was chucking giant 6/0 Poppers . The line had great turnover( or as much as you could hope for with Giant popper) It was stiff enough for the tropics but not too stiff. It has a 60 Lb core so I had confidence to give it everything when combined with 66 lb backing and 100 lb leader. I did however replace the weilded loops with 50 lb Gudebrod braided loops double nail knotted and glued. The weilded loops may be ok I just needed to be 100 % confident. The other nice thing about the Airflo ridge GT line is the price. At £ 35 you can afford to take a couple of spares with you. Something to consider when tussling GTs on the Flats. I had a Barracuda bite one of my fly lines in half on my last trip. Crazy things happen out in these places!!

I used the old Airflo Blue Saltwater floater a few years back , that was pretty poor. I binned it. Im glad to see Airflo developing products for extreem fishing aswell as the mainstream.