Monday, 1 September 2008

Fly fishing Baja Mexico 2008

Baja Mexico July 2008

I have been back from Mexico for almost 6 weeks now; things have been crammed in somewhat this summer. Hence I have not had a chance to report on the trip.

The 2008 Trip was a resounding success. We landed plenty of Bull Dorado., Roosterfish, Jacks, and Bonito one of the group had a Marlin (although that was taken using bait ) I really feel that by splitting the trip between 2 locations North and South we increased our options and created an adventure. I am in the process of writing a full article for publication. This year we had a group of 8 fishermen (and women) with us. Our first leg of the journey landed us at Loreto. The plan was to pursue the Dorado. The fishing certainly did not disappoint. We all had plenty of large Bulls to show for our efforts. These fish fight like demons and pull off excellent acrobatic displays once hooked. We would fish from 7 AM to lunchtime and by then we had had enough fish wrestling in the heat. Afternoons were spent relaxing.

After 3 days we headed South through the Mexican mountains and down to La Paz and the Punta Arena area. We then fished for 3 days from Pangas. This area offers plenty of options for the visiting fly fishermen. There’s no doubt as to who would be the star of the show. The enigmatic Roosterfish stole the limelight as we had expected. These fish will tease you and torment you with their lightening fast pursuit of your fly often followed by last second fly rejections. We also encountered Jacks, skipjacks, amberjacks along with a local Pompano (Grafftopsail)

Our accommodation was a few yards from the beach allowing an opportunity to swim in the sea to keep cool in the desert heat. The air conditioning was certainly an essential feature of the rooms I can’t wait to get back out there and land a few large Roosters. There’s one around 45 lb swimming around with my fly in his jaws. I would love a chance to retrieve my fly!

I have already pretty much filled the trip for 2009. I have plenty of interest from other parties so perhaps we will add a further trip to accommodate those extra rods.

The price for the 2009 trip will be £1330 For a 9 Day trip with 7 Days fishing , 2 per boat. This includes 2 internal flights , Breakfast , lunch and most of your evening meals.

Hers a link to a video from the trip. CLICK HERE

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