Wednesday, 23 January 2008

A great yet Simple Saltwater Fly Pattern

This Saltwater Fly was kind to me in 2007. Nice and fast to tie ,which is an advantage as I fish it deep aound all manner of weed and snags , so I lose plenty. But I can replace them fast. With the Long zonker strip it fishes really well with minimal input in the way of retrieve. I often fish this on the drift from my boat with a fast sinking line. Pollack and Bass eat it. Its also good for fishing deep into Rips from the shore, it was very useful for stripers in the States in June

I wonder how usefull it would be in a strong Red colour for Pollack ?

Like many good flies its dead simple

size 1/0 Jiggy Saltwater Hook
7/32 Eyes
30 lb Mason Anti tangle on tail and also weed gaurd near the eye
Black Zonker Tail & Collar

Thumbnail, click to enlarge.


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