Friday, 11 April 2008

Saltwaterflies for Cape Cod 2008

I have been busy knocking up flies for the Cape Cod fishing trip, with three weeks of fishing ahead I am aware that Im going to need plenty of ammo. I will try to keep the number of patterns down, Deep Eels, sparse Clousers , Black Decievers and a handfull of Menhaden ( Bunker) flies should do the trick. Obviously I will add a few bits and bobs to the mix. There are several guys that have asked me to supply flies , 180 Deep eels later I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Every year we encounter shoals of Manhaden often closely pusuied by Bluefish and striped bass. I have tied these flies with EP 3 D Fibres Menhaden over Tan over Baitfish Belly, Hook Tiemco 600 SP size 6/0 . Eyes 6 mm Abalone shell. Just add a couple of spots to the flank to match the distinctive markings of the natural.

Hopefully these will dothe trick

I have an article on the main site with tying instructions

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