Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Saltwater Fly fishing in Cornwall - May 2008

After a busy week I managed to sneak away for a whole tide today. We had a pretty large Spring tide combined with a strong very gusty South Easterly Breeze . This made maintaining the correct drift , managing the boat and a fly rod rather a challenge. Constant tweaking of the boat and much swearing as the fly line spooled out of the Orvis line tray in the gusts,were the order of the day. It was good to see the Herring fry were in the shallows dimpling the surface in the margins of the Estuary . Despite the arrival of the Fry there was still a wintery feeling to the place . Peak season the estuary will be a soup of Bait and life. The Stingy Noodle weed beds are still rather thin. I should have looked at the water temperature on the Fish finder . I checked several favourite Bass spots but alas nothing there, Not a pluck or a follow . Usually if they are there you will see them follow or hook them within a few casts.

So it was back to Pollack duty. Armed with the 8 # and Rio Outbound Di 8 . DNA Olive Clouser size 2 # (Just for a change) The heavy seas restricted my movements so I fished well within the sheltered confines of the estuary . As usual there were plenty of willing Pollack and Coalfish , no monsters , the best fish would have maybe tweaked 3 lb. 20 or 30 fish later that was enough..I had fished 2 marks ranging from 18 to 35 foot deep. All the better fish were deep down. Time to return with a glowing red face thanks to Sunshine a windburn. Nice to be catching fish and bobbing around.

A few weeks from now the daily Herring fry Bltz’s will start . Hopefully !


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